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Miguel González Cabezas (b. 1992 Alcalá de Henares (ES)) is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. He graduated with a MA in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna in 2018. His research and multidisciplinary art projects evolve around processes of social transformation, migration, power structures, and representation.


In my work, I question current narratives on the nation-state and neoliberal global capitalism by working on three lines: Life management and the shift from biopolitics to necropolitics, global capitalism, and the nation-state, and Racism and racialization as a central category in exclusion processes.

I focus on migrants, social movements as subjectivities of the crisis to address and question the global condition. The methodology I follow varies from project to project, using sometimes video but there is constant use of diagrams, maps as modes of visualization.